Harmonic Dreams presents

Welcome to the Sonic World of Timothy Surya Das

“The Alchemy of Sound: Out of silence comes pure sonic magic”

Timothy Surya Das is a modern day alchemist of sound:

    * Composer and Music Producer

    * CEO of SonicRx (sonicRx.org)

    * Multi-Instrumentalist

    * Sound Engineer (alphasoundpro.com)

    * Didgeridoo Instructor (dreamtimedidge.com)

    * Certified Sound Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master

    * Pioneer in Sound Therapy

New Releases


A unique and innovative dance music experience. Relax into the dance and allow the music to take you on a deeply enriching journey of movement and self expression.

432 and Harmosync recording

Aphprodite’s Dream

A personal collection of beautiful piano music dedicated to love. The love that we have for ourselves and the love that we feel when we gaze into the eyes of the beloved.

432 recording

Portal To The Stars

Relax into a sonic tapestry of richly beautiful music. An hour long musical soundscape created to assist you in your to travels to other galaxies and beyond. The music combines special tuning techniques and brainwave entrainment for a deeply enriching experience.                           

432 recording

Drifting In Time

A deep and beautifully soothing song, co-created by Mirabai and Timothy.