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The principal of universal life force – or energy – is behind every Inner Harmonics healing. Everything in the universe is made of this vibrating energy, including our physical, mental and emotional bodies. The combination of Reiki, sound, touch, crystal and light therapies cover all aspects of the vibrational spectrum, creating a foundation of simultaneous healing on many levels. Through intention and vibration we can bring about deep and profound healing – the end result being truly transformational. And this is what makes Inner Harmonics so powerful.

About Timothy

Timothy is a Reiki Master and Certified Sound Healing practitioner. He has studied with sound healing gurus such as Tom Kenyon, Jonathan Goldman and John Beaulieu, adding his own flavor and insights from many years as a healing practitioner. His knowledge and intuitive feel create a deeply rich healing space for each individual.

Give yourself the gift of healing

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The Inner Harmonics Experience

Each experience is unique, centering on a specific goal. Sound TableWe start by grounding into the space with a moment of meditation or stillness to set the intention, followed by relaxing into the space, either seated or lying down on a custom build sound table, whichever feels more comfortable. You are then guided into even deeper relaxation, creating a sacred space for your healing and well-being.

While you remain in this deeply relaxed state, you are bathed in the healing energies of Reiki, Quantum Touch, sound (in the form of didgeridoo, drum, bowls, tones, voice and other tonal instruments), crystals (that may be placed on you and around you), and light (in the form of a color wand that may be placed on you or around you).

In each session, Timothy intuitively weaves each healing modality together to create a gentle yet very profound healing space. Your experience comes to a close with a moment of silence, allowing the body to integrate the healing energies, follow by a guided breath meditation to bring focus on your intention and well-being.

A session is 1 hour.

Sound Healing and Reiki

“The Alchemy of Sound: Out of silence comes pure sonic magic”

Inner Harmonics with Timothy Surya Das

Inner Harmonics combines Reiki, Quantum Touch, sound vibration, crystal therapy, and light therapy to heal your body and help release pain, stress, tension and blocked emotions, creating the space for joy, peace, love and happiness.

Why Inner Harmonics?

Inner Harmonics creates vibrational space to enable holistic well-being of body, mind, and spirit with a gentle, yet powerfully effective blend of healing modalities.

"After a couple of months of weekly sessions, I came further in my healing than 2 years in regular therapy, and was able to release my addiction." ~ Jeff, San Francisco