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Music to move, groove, relax and chill”

Harmonic Dreams

Harmonic Dreams

Harmonic Dreams is a very special soundscape, creating a space for complete, deep relaxation. Follow the airy flute, angelic harp, gentle piano and rich, soothing, warming strings on a journey infused with Reiki and healing love to a place of peace and stillness within.

What People Are Saying About Harmonic Dreams

“Harmonic Dreams is a profoundly healing, deeply meditative and hauntingly beautiful recording that is perfect for yoga and meditation practice.  The notes are other-worldly and speak to the deepest levels of the human soul.  It is composed in such an intuitive way that the heart easily expands in compassion and the mind drops effortlessly into stillness .It is a perfect soundtrack for all travelers on the spiritual path.”

~ Darren Main, Author of Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic

“I LOVE the Harmonic Dreams CD! I listen to it whenever I want to chill, or relax after a long day. Sometimes I'll put it on in the office to help me remain calm and at peace. I used it the first time the other day as background music during a Reiki session, and the client commenting on how soothing and nice the music was. The music seems to be energized with love and a beautiful energy. I would recommend this for anyone who has a healing practice, or just wants some beautiful, soothing background music to read or work by.”

~ William, Reiki Practitioner

“As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am always searching for new music to play during Reiki healing sessions as well as to refer to my Reiki students. I found Harmonic Dreams to be wonderfully soothing, relaxing, and healing. You can feel the Reiki energy flowing through the music, which makes it ideal for any type of healing work, relaxation, or meditation. Timothy has created a beautiful soundtrack that I am honored to recommend.”

~ Gina, Reiki Master/Teacher

"As a yoga teacher  I am so appreciative of Timothy's beautiful Harmonic Dreams. Past physical or verbal cues there is a deeply peaceful place I want my students to find, and when I play Harmonic Dreams they go right there.  There is something about this particular blend of the intelligent, the silent, the soft, the strong, the ethereal that communicates directly to the soul."

~ Linda, Yoga Teacher

"The music of Harmonic Dreams adds an element of gentle relaxation travel to clients as they receive healing modalities at our clinic.  I am very grateful and impressed with Timothy's talent at creating this wonderful addition to our clinic ambiance.  I highly recommend this CD and have already had requests from clients to have a copy for their home."

~ Tamara N. Brown, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist (or L.Ac., M.Sc.)

“A seamless and brilliant journey where we can reacquaint ourselves with peace and stillness within.  This music is transformative and healing.   It is subtle yet powerful.  My massage clients love it and I love it!  I hear something new each time I play it.  Celestial and sincere.”

~ Wanda, Massage Therapist

“I ran across Harmonic Dreams at the Immune Enhancement Project. Harmonic Dreams was playing in the treatment room while I was receiving an acupuncture treatment from my acupuncturist Debi. She has been my practitioner for about eight years now and seen me through HIV, Hep C, liver cirrhosis, cancer and a liver transplant this past June. It sounded nice so I purchased it through them. Last evening I listened to it while I fell asleep and I can tell you this; I haven’t had a more restful night sleep since my transplant in June as I did last night listening to your CD.  I felt like I got a physical and mental massage last night.  Thank you for the gift that you provided me.”

~ Douglas, San Francisco

“Harmonic Dreams helps guide my yoga students and I into a very peaceful place, away from the hustle and noise of the city. I use it often in my yoga classes! It's a great tool, especially when I sense irritation or ungrounded energy in my students. I feel Timothy's music invites people to slow down and go inward, which is perfect for the gentle style of yoga I teach. Even when teaching a more vigorous class, I often use the shorter versions of "Harmonic Dreams" for cool down and Shivasana (relaxation.) I personally love the 15 min. version too to accompany my daily meditations. Harmonic Dreams coats my soul. It's like medicine for a busy, active mind, or a hectic day."

~ Mirabai, Yoga Teacher